The Joseph Interfaith Foundation is the only national joint Muslim-Jewish interfaith organisation. We are committed to fostering engagement through constructive and realistic dialogue and interaction between the Muslim and Jewish communities in Britain. The Foundation also aims to promote a deeper understanding of both faiths among the general public.

One of the major shared principles of Judaism and Islam is education and co-operation for the sake of humanity and the welfare of society. Therefore, we provide diversity of forums where discussion, engagement and cooperation can take place based on conviction for the truth and mutual respect and commitment to shared principles of ethical citizenship.

The Foundation's work is focused on three major areas of disagreement and tension: 1) University campuses 2) Religious leadership, 3) The academics. Through our professionally effective and proactive initiatives we aim towards reducing and removing prejudice, misinformation and misunderstanding.

Our name is based on our shared eponymous biblical/qur'anic Joseph who demonstrates the height of achievements by a member of a religious minority in a multi-faith society without compromising his own religious identity. Thus it is our vision to engage our two religious communities in order to remove hatred and division, and instead to interact with each other as positive and contributing members of a multi-faith cohesive society.

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