Aim and Objectives

The Foundation is committed to fostering engagement and interaction through a constructive and realistic dialogue between the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Due to our professional and ethical approach, effective and proactive projects and respected Trustees, we are one of the leading organisations in working with university students, academics and religious leaders. We regularly hold academic conferences, talks and seminars at university campuses, discussions at mosques and synagogues.

Interfaith tends to have developed a sentimental, simplistic and reductionist reputation; what we refer to as "meeting and greeting". This never has been the aim of the Foundation. The focus of our work is with university students and religious leaders. While we do highlight commonalities and similarities, we do not shy away from directly addressing the thorny issues that divide us and are the causes of tension and at times confrontation between us. The ultimate aim of these meetings is to strive towards reaching a realistic consensus that is mutually beneficial and honourable for both communities and ultimately to a cohesive multi faith British society.

We offer support and co-operation with students/student unions for the promotion of interfaith relations, single faith discussions and student discussions in their widest sense. We respect and protect the privacy of our students by not putting any information about them on our website.

We welcome student participation at our projects and also as volunteers with the Foundation because we believe it is only with your help that we can make a difference in creating a future society where we can all live as equal and respected citizens.

We also welcome Imams and Rabbis participation in our religious leadership projects. Faith is a facet of our identity. Therefore, we offer interfaith introductions, support for visits to places of worship, educational projects and participation in our Council of Imams and Rabbis.

The Foundation is committed to pursuing these aims and objectives since this is the vision of its founders and trustees and volunteers.