Srebrenica Memorial Day-July 2018

Srebrenica genocide was officially commemorated by Remembering Srebrenica for the fifth year on 11th July in Britain. In London the event took place at the Guildhall in the presence of ambassadors and government Ministers. Mehri Niknam represented the Foundation.

The key note speeches were given by Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, and, Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary.

The most notable speaker was Nusreta Sivac, a survivor. She had just been appointed a Civic judge when the war in Bosnia started by the Serb forces. She was taken to the notorious Omarska concentration camp where Muslim women were raped as a weapon of war and Muslim men were starved or beaten to death. She asked not for revenge but for justice and for educating the people against xenophobia, religious hatred, ethnic cleansing and detachment from “other”.

Due to her work for bringing the Srebrenica genocide to the attention of the students and the Jewish community, Mehri Niknam was chosen as a Champion of the Month and was invited to lit one of the memorial candles to the victims of Srebrenica

Joseph Interfaith Foundation has been cooperating with Remembering Srebrenica since 2014 by initiating its programme of taking joint groups of imams and rabbis to Bosnia to learn about the Srebrenica genocide. We aim to show that the mentality, xenophobic outlook and religious hatred which led to that genocide were similar to what caused the Holocaust. Therefore, how important it is that we teach our young people especially that we jointly confront these evil ideas wherever we find them.

Cooperation with the Remembering Srebrenica is ongoing.

Mehri Niknam at the official poster
Mehri Niknam in the audience
Mehri Niknam and Nusreta Sivac