The Joseph Interfaith Foundation does not put any information about some of its work with individual students and its student groups on its website.

Working at university campuses

The three major areas of the Foundation's work are with university students, religious leaders and educating the public. Projects are usually set up in association with student societies. In agreement with them we will invite academics to speak.

Sometimes we have specialised projects which are for certain student societies only. This is always arranged in multilateral agreement with the students' representatives.

Our approach to initiating projects has always been proactive rather than reactive. At campus level, this requires genuine, honest and varied contacts with many student organisations and sensitivity to their perception of immediacy of different issues.

We believe that "interfaith" should not necessarily only apply to the sharing of the lowest common denominator. Working with university students and academics necessitates approaching the subject from a much more nuanced, intellectual and academic level. Such discussions inevitably involve issues which are of central as well as tangential relevance to Muslim-Jewish relations.

Sometimes it is necessary to work with individuals or small groups on a much more specialised method of engagement rather than the conventional one. These discussions require confidential dialogue. It is vital that all participants feel confident that they are speaking in an absolutely impartial forum.

Since we are an officially registered joint Muslim-Jewish organisation, inevitably we come across some students who are not necessarily keen to participate in a joint project. As part of the Foundation's ethical principles, we are committed to freedom of expression and individual's right to privacy. Therefore, we do not release any personal details of any student without their written permission.

For full details of the seminars see our past projects. Some of the topics of our seminars have been "Confronting the Far Right”; "Freedom of Speech"; “Freedom of religion” and “Social Media”. The topic for 2015-16 was “British Values: What they are and what they mean to me?”. The topic for academic year 2016-17 is “Hate Speech: How to combat its causes and effects”


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